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Hello everybody! This is Octavia and Mike, the founders of Mind Your Beeswax Candles. We are very excited to embark on this journey and offer each of you our hand poured beeswax candles. I know many of you are probably wondering why we decided to utilize beeswax instead of soy or other waxes. When Beeswax Candles are burning, they release negative ions that latch onto the molecules that cause allergies and essentially cancel them out within a certain area. Unfortunately, both of us are plagued by horrid seasonal allergies, and most candles that use fragrance oils tend to make the allergies even worse. After countless hours of research, we discovered that Beeswax Candles are actually the best for the environment and for those who suffer from allergies.

Initially, we started making candles for ourselves and we were making very unique scents with essential oils and natural fragrances. We noticed a significant difference in air quality in the room where we burnt the candles in. Eventually, we decided that we should share this newly found passion with the rest of you! But what sets us apart from other candle companies?

Although, Beeswax candles are not as common as soy or paraffin candles, what sets us apart from other candle companies is our dedication to creating a truly unique experience that you will not find anywhere else through our scents. We want Mind Your Beeswax Candles to become the signature scents within your home, but we also want these incredible scents to take your mind on a journey of sweet memories all while creating brand new ones. 

Here at Mind Your Beeswax Candles, we strive to take the natural and organic approach with crafting our products. We utilize Beeswax, because it is a natural material and a renewable resource. No bees are harmed during the harvesting of the wax, thus making Beeswax a cruelty free option. Additionally, Beeswax candles are the most environmental friendly and can burn longer than other waxes.

We humbly invite each of you to light one of our candles and "relax in the warm glow of luxury"



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